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Our Solutions for Partners

Partner Solutions

Our Tech & Service for Partners is focussed on enabling you to drive results in the most effective way. 

I'm your Partner


We welcome any kind or Partners to

a-net! Affiliates, Display Publishers, Email Marketeers, Content Creators & Publishers, Influencers, Bloggers, Brand Ambassadors, Key Opinion Leaders, Apps or any other kind of digital partnership that you apply to your business model in order to build cooperations with Advertisers. On a-net you will find all features and tools you need to setup, manage and steer your publishing business.

Programs &



We offer Partner Programs from any kind of industry and Lead Generation Campaigns. Please select your preferred programs or campaigns and apply for a partnership. Please let us know if you need any assistance in getting set up with your favourite Advertisers. We love to serve you!


Payments from Programs and Campaigns - now this really needs to be quick and reliable. Our tech has a fully flexible payment method and will pay out your commissions to you immediately and at all times corresponding to the setting and terms of the respective programs and campaigns.

White Label

With a-net you can choose to use our tech for your own tracking purposes, too. You might want to run programs and campaigns on your own tracking solution - either because you want to be in control or because your Advertiser Partners do not take part in Partner Program Solutions. In this case you will become an Advertiser from our perspective, so please register with a-net as an Advertiser.



Use our Partner APIs to manage your Partner Marketing the sophisticated way. Our APIs work for Report, Events (Leads, Sales and others) and list of Programs and Campaigns including all relevant program and campaign information.


Our technology supports several different tracking methods. First Party Tracking or Third Party Tracking using Java Script, Sessions or Cookies. Cookie-less tracking or direct linking. We can also implement our Tag Manager and deduplicate sales across several other networks, channels or partners. Cross Channel Tracking and flexibility at your fingertips.

Global Reach


We are here to support your national and international business. Use our platform in several languages and in the currency you require for your business.

Test us


Would you like to give it a try? Click the button "Test us" below and register your accounts and websites. It's a  non binding sign-up form. Test us and check out your opportunities on a-net.