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a-net White

Label Solutions


The a-net technology is developed in a modular and flexible way. Thus it enables Advertisers, Agencies and Partners to set up their own programs and campaigns using the a-net White Label solution. 

a-net White Label Solutions

Our technology serves you with the full stack of Partner Marketing: setup of programs and campaigns, statistics, reports and alerts, future-proof tracking methods, tracking switch, invoicing and payments to partners. Ask us for a full list of all features.
Our technology supports several languages and any kind of global currency.
a-net Service
As our client using the a-net White Label Solution we will train you and your team on the technology and make sure that you understand how to get the most out of the features. Furthermore our Account Management Team is at your service any time you need support.
Pricing Models
The a-net White Label Solution can be used on a performance based pricing model (override model)  or based on a volume based transaction model (price based on the number of views, clicks, leads and sales).

Why we recommend to work with a-net.


Oliver Peters

Director Strategic Partnerships, Usercentrics

David Meyer

CEO & Co-Founder, deineStudienfinanzierung

Daniel Engelbarts

CEO & Founder

“The a-net White Label technology fits perfectly to our requirements for launching our own strategic Partner Marketing activities.”

“a-net demonstrates perfectly on how to understand and react to individual needs.”

"Trust & transparency. This is my long-term experience with the team behind a-net."

Your Benefits.

01/ Generate partnerships on a CPA basis.
02/ Generate incremental sales.
03/ Influencers prefer shops that pay for endorsing.
04/ Advertisers reach younger target audiences.
05/ Do not disrupt your existing Influencer Campaigns.
06/ Open to any kind of product, service and industry.

In addition to your existing campaigns.

Your Benefits.

01/ Profit from sophisticated technology.
02/ Future-proof Tracking. 
03/ Flexible Pricing Models.
04/ Built for Advertisers and Publishers.
05/ Including dedicated Agency Solutions.

Next Steps

01/ Get in touch with us.
02/ Exchange of your requirements and our solutions.
03/ Customised offer.
04/ Go Live!

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