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Our Solutions for Agencies

Agency Solutions

Our dedication towards Agencies is what we call the icing on the cake for  managing Partner Programs for Advertisers.

Agency Dashboard


Our tech enables Agencies to manage all Online Marketing campaigns with one solution: our dashboard reporting allows to connect diverse channels based on APIs or tracking solutions in order to manage, control and steer the business in the most efficient way. On top of that Agencies can make use of customer journey analysis, attribution models, sales deduplication and tag management solutions. For as many channels and clients as required.

White Label


If you wish to run a White Label Network or Program, here's our solution. We enable you with the Tech you need to setup a solution with your brand. Make use and profit from our unique, modular and flexible tech and run your own Partner Marketing service.

Master Accounts


As an Agency you manage several accounts and run multiple partner programs. Use our Master Accounts to easily manage the private and public programs, the campaigns or any other activity that is tracked on our platform. It's the comfortable way of running the business for your clients.

Self Service

Program Setup


As an Agency you might want to be more flexible in setting up programs or campaigns by doing it yourself. With a-net you can choose whether you prefer the self service setup or you prefer us to to it for you. In any ways it is our goal to be fast and flexible in order to generate maximum results for your clients.

Preferred Agencies


You might have noticed: we love Agencies with high level skill sets. Why? Because Agencies who aim high drive the best results for their clients. We believe that those Agencies should be enabled by us with our premium tech and service. Thus we offer Agency certifications to become an a-net certified Agency which qualifies for tech and service excellence. Get in touch with us for your own certification!


& Case Studies


Are you interested in spreading the word about the great results you achieved with some of your clients? We are happy to support your work by announcing your achievements in our publishing channels, such as events, articles, newsletters and co-branded advertising formats. Let us know about your marketing needs.

a-net Tracking


Our technology supports several different tracking methods. First Party Tracking or Third Party Tracking using Java Script, Sessions or Cookies. Cookie-less tracking or direct linking. We can also implement our Tag Manager and deduplicate sales across several other networks, channels or partners. Cross Channel Tracking and flexibility at your fingertips.

First Party Tracking


Get ready  - now! Implement our First Party Tracking in order to be compliant with current regulations, policies and browser settings and in order to ensure maximum tracking efficiency.


Journey Analysis


How about the idea of running your clients' partner programs on the a-net platform and at the same time add other marketing channels in order to generate the full picture in one tool? Define rules for reportings or attributions and gain full flexiblity on how you would like to manage, control and steer your business. On top of that it's simply so much less effort to generate the management reportings you need to report to your supervisors.

Full Feature List

Please refer to our feature list if you would like to scroll through our vast opportunities. Or get in touch and don't hesitate to ask us about your special requirements. 

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