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Our Solutions for Advertisers

Advertiser Solutions

Choose & mix as you prefer and profit from our Dynamic Pricing Model.

Flexibly Choose & Mix


We offer Public Programs, Private Programs, White Label Solutions and Dashboard Reportings using APIs. Simply choose your preferred a-net product or mix them as you like. You can run a Public and a Private Program with us at the same time. Thereby you will profit from our Dynamic Pricing . 

Dynamic Pricing


Our Dynamic Pricing is our new pricing model designed to meet your individual requirements based on your commission structures for different partner groups. It includes a smart way to include your tenancy payments to Partners independant of the a-net platform fee.  Let's set this up together and make you profit from day one!

Public Partner Program


Run a public program on the a-net Platform and get your program advertised to our a-net Partners. a-net Partners are Affiliates, Influencers, Bloggers, Content Creators, Apps and any further kind of partners that may qualify for a partnership with you. You can expect premium service and support from us for you and your partners. Naturally we generate payments and payouts on a regular basis - and if you wish you decide on the frequency.

Private Partner Program


Run a Private Program on our a-net Platform and pay less for your top performing Partners.  You can expect premium service and support from us for you and your partners. Naturally we generate payments and payouts on a regular basis - and if you wish you decide on the frequency.

White Label


If you wish to run a White Label Network or Program, here's our solution. We enable you with the Tech you need to setup a solution with your brand. Make use and profit from our unique, modular and flexible tech.

Engagement Campaigns


We support the tracking of engagements on partner websites: time on site, scroll length and other actions on predefined sites. Let us know your needs!

Lead Generation


The experts to run your Lead Gen Campaign are with a-net. Dedicated Campaign Managers with more than 10 years of expericence in this field will take good care of your campaign and it's quality and targets. Profit from our experience in acquiring your target users from just the right partner sites. We will consult you in how to reach the goals with your budget definitions and any kind of restrictions you may have. Expect a profound analysis and forecast and a managed service for a successful campaign. Please click "Test us" below to sign up for a Lead Gen Campaign.

a-net Tracking Technology


Our technology supports several different tracking methods. First Party Tracking or Third Party Tracking using Java Script, Sessions or Cookies. Cookie-less tracking or direct linking. We can also implement our Tag Manager and deduplicate sales across several other networks, channels or partners. Cross Channel Tracking and flexibility at your fingertips.

First Party Tracking


Get ready  - now! Implement our First Party Tracking in order to be compliant with current regulations, policies and browser settings and in order to ensure maximum tracking efficiency.

Reporting & Alerts


Find sophisticated reporting features in your a-net account. Flexibly adapt dashboard reportings to suit your needs and setup alert functions to remain on top of things. Implement a-net data into your systems using our APIs for import and export of important data: leads, sales, basket items, cancellations, cross channels etc.

Fraud Management


Our statistics give you the options you need to understand the traffic of your partners. Check, analyse and act upon the data we supply you with.

Global Reach


We are here to support your national and international business. Use our platform in several languages and in the currency you require for your business.

Full Feature List

Please refer to our feature list if you would like to scroll through our vast opportunities. Or get in touch and don't hesitate to ask us about your special requirements. 

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