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We are a team of experienced Performance Marketeers with a mindset that is based on values and driven by serving the best Tech & Service!

a-net is the new global tech platform for Partner Marketing. For Advertisers, Agencies and Partners. The future of Partner Marketing. a-net is the new platform that drives innovation by developing exclusive features for Partner Marketing. 

The products and services range from public partner networks, private networks and programs, Influencer Marketing, white label solutions, Dashboards using APIs to lead generation campaigns, tailored tech solutions for tracking and Partner Marketing solutions. Open to any kind of industry and partner: Bloggers, Affiliates, Influencers, Content Creators, Apps or digital publishing models.

a-net was launched in September 2019 by Performance Marketing experts Uli and Henrik who had been working at companies like affilinet, Stylight and Scout24 in various roles including C-level positions.

a-net sets new standards in Partner Marketing in respect to premium tech & service and flexibility.

The flexible a-net product offering defines a new approach to enable Advertisers and Agencies to choose any kind of product that is required for efficient Partner Marketing. Accompanied by a dynamic pricing model that supports the flexible approach for public and private programs with an adaptive platform fee.

Premium Tech & Service. We at a-net aim high, with a set of tech features that is unparalleled and a service delivered by Partner Marketing experts.

Uli Bartholomäus

CEO & Founder

Former MD at affilinet and Stylight.

44 years of age.


"Founding a-net to me means following my passion for serving my clients  & partners with no compromises on premium service, transparency and trust!"

Henrik Blase

CTO & Founder

Former Lead Engineer at affilinet and Jobscout.

48 years of age.


"I am driven by developing the best tech available with a modular and flexible approach to serve individual needs of my clients & partners."

Former results in this field of business prove us right: driving your business based on the following values is a prerequisite  for being successful together.

Our Values


We believe that being transparent builds trust. We want our Advertisers, Agencies and Partners to receive the information they need in order to be able to be successful in their Partner Marketing. At a-net we will communicate openly and disclose any information and data that is required. Obviously we take confidentiality very serious, too. Confidential information remains confidential but expect a transparent way of communication in all other areas.


Being honest with our  business partners to us means sharing information based on facts and the truth at all times. There might be reasons not to share information due to confidentiality - in any case you as our partner shall understand why we take decisions in the way we do at all times. We do know that being honest might sometimes lead into a situation in which one appears to be weak  or vulnerable. To be honest, we don't care about that because we believe in long-term partnerships and success. 


Trust is the main ingredient for successful partnerships. We want to do business with you on the most trustworthy basis by sharing information in a transparent way and by leading by example at all times. Trust us that it is our only goal to make you become successful on the a-net platform. We are sure that the more you can trust in us at a-net and in your partners the more will you be able to reach your targets.


We respect you and your business just the way we respect ourselves and the way we work together as a team at a-net. It is our aim to do business with you in a partnership between equals. We commit to the belief that if we share respect for each other's standpoint it's a fantastic basis for becoming successful together. Even in moments that seem hopeless. Count on us when it comes to how we commit to do business with you.

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